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Worst agitation and anxiety of my life

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I really need some input on what’s going on. 
I am schizoaffective I was diagnosed 5 months ago and am currently taking respiradon 1mg in morning and 2mg at night along with 300 mg tryleptal morning and night. I find myself in a constant state of drowsiness to make a king story short I self medicated using amphetamines now I keep trying to get sober and it’s actually not addiction that’s stopping me it’s the fact that every single time I try 4 days into sobriety I experience the absolute worst restlessness agitation and anxiety of my life 
last time it lasted for three days straight and it only ended because I dosed amphetamines again. It’s not like a normal panic attack it’s so much worse and happens 24/7 once it starts I tried to take an ambien to make it through it but within an hours I was in full on anxiety mode again kicking my feet pacing jumping up and down. Does anyone have any idea of why this keeps happening or how I can get past it so I can finally be sober again it’s all I want if I can just get past the anxiety.

I thought it might be withdrawals but this is absolutely nothing close to it it’s 100x worse than I’ve ever experienced 

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