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any advice would be great

anyhow i've totally over reacted to life and i've been reduced to a blob on the couch

i had an exam on tuesday and started freaking out aabout it on friday. so i was a blob till tuesady and did no study. anyhow the test is over...overeaction number 1

then a chick i have dated 3 times told me she has started seing someone else seriously. she told me that on wednesday. That totally floored me and i have been in bed since wednesday - over reaction number 2

i have missed uni all week and work as well

how do i get "three date women" out of my head and my ass out of my house.

should i call my pdoc....this "spazz out" has been slowly coming since about december despite my efforts to quell it... or would that be over reaction number 3

any advice would be awesome

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YES! Call the pdoc!!!!

Other than that I'm not very helpful. I can't figure out how to get motivated to do anything either. And I have been exceedingly unsuccessful giving advice to help anyone get over anyone else. She dumped you, you don't deserve her anyway.

Call your pdoc!!!!! Did I mention that already?

Okay, well, there you have it. The extent of my invaluable advice! Ha!

Take care,


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1. call your pdoc like everyone said. Missing several days of work and school for this means you're not doing  so well

2. If you can get 3 dates, then you probably aren't so far from being able to get an indefinite number of dates. Just keep trying. I bet you get more dates if you can feel more relaxed about the whole thing. Or perhaps you need to meet someone who is more on your wavelength.

3.If getting out of the house is a problem, start with small increments. As small as you need, even if that's just opening the front door and sticking your nose out. Then maybe out front of your dwelling, then walk a block, go to the sub shop or whatever.

4. I do that test thing all the time, tho I usually break down and work on whatever it is just in time to avoid disaster. Not a great way to get by, but not the end of the world. I recently did a work project mostly evenings after midnight. Done just in time to make employer happy.  Probably would help to make some smaller, near term goals. Just like with going out the door.

5. Physical inactivity is probably making you feel worse. Even if you can't get out the door, do some calisthenics or something. And especially something at least mildly aerobic. Up and down stairs? Or, if your balance is good, put a couple of fat phone books on the floor (or something sturdier and less likely to slip, preferably) and step on and off. Only if you are not likely to fall and break something. If your balance is good enough, do it while watching TV! And, this makes you more likely to take a shower, if you've been skipping them.

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Hi discovererant,

You will really benefit from seeing the pdoc when you go. I think you need a med adjustment. You probably need something that will work quickly. I didn't see anywhere what your DX is (maybe I missed it). I'm assuming depression, but do you have other problems as well?

I am normally very against suggesting atypical anti-psychotics to anyone accept people with hallucinations and serious bipolar disorder, however because of your spazzing and what seems to be the road to the hospital if you don't get better, I think you should consider asking your pdoc about a fast-acting, good AAP, like Risperdal. Risperdal will control the depression, hopelessness, strange thoughts, stresses, and help you function in life. As I said, normally I do NOT suggest asking about AAP drugs, however I've been to the hospital 5 times and I know what the road to it looks like. If you're doing this crappy, I think you need something strong and fast to pull you out of your funk and get you on the road you should be on.

So if you'd like to know more, you can look on crazymeds, on the internet, and ask your pdoc about atypical antipsychotics. My favorite (and what I perceive to be the fastest-acting) is Risperdal, however everyone gets a different reaction from every different one. If you are interested, talk to him/her about it.

Good luck,


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