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Amazing result = SSRI 3-days a month, Lamotrigine daily

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Anyone else take an SSRI sporadically? Psychiatrist says it should not work, au contraire. Obgyn says it is probably not related to menstrual cycle (hum wonder). I take lamotrigine daily 300mg which has stabilized my mood for 5+ years without the lack of ambition I had on SSRIs. Roughly every 28-days I will get a flurry of frustration outbursts and negative rumination (voice in my head can f-off). I take 20mg of prozac and it will mellow down in hours. Stay on that dose or maybe reduce to 10mg for 3-5 days. Back to "normal" I deeply wish I had know this in my 20s & 30s would have changed my life. 

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