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I Could Have Been Killed

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Not so long ago maybe a year or so I was hanging out with a rather Shady type fellow. He did have a house and a decent job, nice car, and son so he really seemed from my perspective to have it together.

Every once in awhile we would hang out in his party garage and drink and smoke until blackout drunk most times. It occurred to me that some of our activities would include him hitting me upside the head, pulling my hair so hard my head touched my back or grabbing my throat in a sexual way. I told myself that I liked this risky Behavior and it was a turn-on. One night we were disastrously drunk he decided to show me the exact way to kill someone by choking. He put his thumb on my hyoid bone and told me I needed to press up and in quickly and firmly. He pressed hard enough that I was scared he was going to kill me.

I went back a few more times after that. Looking back, this is one of many situations I put myself into where I could have been killed, but for some reason wasn't.....

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