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Do you find reading to be therapeutic?

the maze runner

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I find that when i read it kind of acts like a short term painkiller a brief escape. after reading a few dozen pages i feel a bit more buoyant slightly removed from pathological worries etc.

I had the book 'How to win friends and influence people' lying around. i did not want to read it but then thought why not if everyone has read it there has got to be a reason. so i started reading it. within the first 3 pages i was hooked. the first 3 pages contain the essence of the problem that the rest of the book proposes to solve. Let me tell you the story in the first 3 pages. If you want to read for yourself just skip the remainder of this post read the first three pages and then come back here.

SPOILER START********************

there was in the earlier part of the twentieth century a notorious cop killer called 'Two-Gun' Crowley. he is hidden inside a Manhattan apartment belonging to his girlfriend police have surrounded it and are firing and warning him to come out. he lies there bleeding and on a piece of paper writes the words 'beneath my exterior lies a weary heart. one that is weary but soft--one that would do no one any harm'. two days previous a traffic cop stopped two gun crowley and asked to see his license and registration two gun  rowley instantly gunned him down. this is the person who wrote 'beneath my exterior lies a weary heart. one that is weary but soft--one that would do no one any harm'. further on the book says that in the most secure penitentiary heck even on death row the cells are filled with people who are perfectly sure that everything they have done has been in defense and that they are just as nice can be.


the idea is that everyone thinks they are right you can never by the use of reason alone convince anyone of anything in this way can make only enemies

SPOILER END**********************

anyway, now i am reading how to stop worrying and start living by dale carnegie as well and this book is at least on par with the previous.

if anyone can suggest some other good stuff pls tell me. i find most self help books to be full of superfluous ideas but these ones by dale carnegie have been worthwhile. it's surprising they are almost a century old.

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