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Scrolling down I saw that my last post was still what appeared under the LGBT+ thread. It was entitled "Fuck em to death", which isn't great. Doesn't seem especially welcoming. I can't even remember who I was angry at. I think it was transphobes and that my intentions were good but I probably made a mess of things. Be nice or prepare to be fucked to death. Jesus christ! No I didn't mean it and I'm thinking that there are better ways to express anger which don't involve sexual violence. What the fuck was I thinking? I'm a nice person really. I'm not gay myself. I know this because like many heterosexual men I've tried watching gay porn to see if I'm into it. Nah, but they seem to be enjoying themselves so fair play to them. Not my cup of tea. Not liking something doesn't mean any moral judgement though. I dislike bigots because they don't seem to get this. If you don't like homosexuality then don't have sex with men. Pretty simple. Yes I know, I'm talking about men. That's quite confusing advice for a female homophobe. But fuck those people. I know things aren't perfect but I've seen things change over the years. Because I'm quite old. I don't think I ever thought badly about gay people but it used to seem exotic and rare. Oh you're one of those gays I've heard about? Just doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. I know some gay people and I don't care. They're good people and why the fuck would I judge them by their sexuality? Weird and just arsehole behaviour. Find love where you can. It seems rare.

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