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Up all night...Greetings!

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Welcome to the boards, Des.

Don't give up on the meds. Sooner or later, you will[/] come up with a combo that works.

Although I don't rapid cycle, I am Bipolar, so I know a bit of what you're going through.

Hang in there, and visit often. It's a very weird bunch here, but then, if it weren't you wouldn't want to hang here, right?

Be well, and don't give up.


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Greetings to you all,

I stumbled across this website while being unable to sleep.  As a rapid cycling Bipolar I missing sleep is a frequent event as I am sure many of you are quite familar with. Currently I am not on any meds for I have exhausted every conceivable combination that my pdocs threw at me during a six year run. The lithium made my blood toxic and the antidepressants had no effect. I do pray that that there will someday be meds that are more effective in treating my bipolar disorder. I am sure that we can all agree with that prayer.

I am not bitter for I have come to grips with this illness. In a few minutes I will be jumping in the shower and trying to look presentable as I head off to church. Yes I am a Christian and my faith in Jesus Christ has given me great peace admist the storms of life.

I look forward to discussing our affliction and getting to know you.

God bless,


His Afflicted Ambassador

Psalm 119:107, 2 Corinthians 5:20


Hi Des, Welcome. Yes, CB is a great place to accept and deal with one's mental illness(es), whether you've had them forever or just recently afflicted.

We are of ALL stripes and colors here, including religion and faith, but most of us have learned mental illness picks on no one particular sex, color, creed...it's and Equal Opportunity tormentor.

And we're open all night, when you can't sleep. It's been a haven for me night and day for over six months. I should actually change my address to CrazyBoards, USA.


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