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do you get tension headaches?  what do you do about them?

I ended up writing to my neuro (who normally handles my migraines) because my last neuro wanted to know if I had an uptick in headaches of any type, including non-migraines.  I'm not sure if new neuro wants that info, so I let her know the info.  In short, for the past three weeks or so, I've had quite frequent headaches that I'm pretty sure are tension headaches and haven't morphed into migraines.  They feel like pressure at my forehead/prefrontal cortex and a little bit around the sides of my head.  They aren't accompanied by nausea (one of my usual migraine symptoms) or light and sound sensitivity (same).  They largely go away with XS tylenol and ice on the back of my neck/base of my head. 

I did some googling and Dr. Google has largely suggested things I already do.  Try to reduce stress (job isn't bad these days, dating adds some stress but at a manageable level), exercise regularly (I've been doing that), drink a lot of water (same), get adequate sleep (same most of the time), basically all the healthy lifestyle things. 

so...do you get tension headaches?  I don't want to end up with headaches due to the overuse of OTC meds, but I still need to make them go away.  I can function through them largely, but every now and then have to pause and lay down to ice my neck/base of my head. 

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so heard back from neuro.  she said that based on frequency (3-4 times a week) and what helps (ice on the back of my neck and base of head), she's recommending I try a round of neck PT.  I said I was definitely willing and she's sending me the referral.

My pdoc suggested trigger point injections, but I'm glad the neuro didn't immediately jump to that.  Dr. Google suggests that PT is potentially helpful.  She wants me to let her know if it doesn't make it better. 

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