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My IQ test results based on local Mensa chapter

the maze runner

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I wanted to take the Mensa pre test but was afraid I was going to find out that I am not actually as smart as I thought/think I was/am.

But today I decided to go ahead. While doing the test I was unable to answer several questions. I was dead sure I was going to get in the disability section. However when I saw the result I saw I scored in the top 10%

I am attaching the report herewith.


This test measures the ability to recognise rules and connections between unknown and seemingly random
information. This ability is an essential component of General Intelligence. Because of its generic nature, this
ability predicts performance in life well. Like the official Mensa test, this is also a culture-fair test.
Your performance on this test provides a strong indication that that your IQ percentile is in the range of
90% – 99%. This test measures only a subset of the factors of your intellegence that the official Mensa paper
& pencil test measures. Thus your may perform better in the official test depending on your abilities in the
other areas. Your test performance will also vary depending on the conditions and state of mind prevailing at
the time of the test. It is to be emphasised that the results of this test correlate highly with your IQ range but
cannot serve as official evidence of your IQ or evidence for joining Mensa.
If you are pleased with the result of this test, we encourage you to get in touch with the Mensa Chapter
nearest you and register for the next official test. We periodically conduct tests in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune ,
Chennai, Kolkata & Bengaluru. If the center nearest to you does not have a test scheduled in the near future,
the website will have a Googlegroup for those interested and when you join, you will be intimated of the
date and venue of the next test. Thanks for your interst in Mensa and hope to see you soon at our testing

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