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HELP Involuntary hold in WA state - how to free you brother?

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My brother attempted suicide. It is not a cry for help, he wants to be dead. He is in chronic back pain. The doctors gave up trying to treat his back after trying everything. In hospital he is very withdrawn - I am sure he is mortified to still be alive. Now he has lost all his rights to freedom and cannot leave based on the 7-day involuntary hold act. This for him is beyond adding insult to injury. To not be free will give him another reason to want to be dead. Next step is a 14-day hold if he does not play along with whatever the Docs need to hear to release him. They can legally hold him for 180-days.

I need suggestions on what a family or person needs to tell the psychiatrists and court to get him released into family care?

Basically suicide is not a crime, but attempting is. WTF

Moral of the story - if you are going to try, make it a full proof plan.

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