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Buspar missing dose crazy panic episode

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Just wondering if this is something anyone has gone through. I'm super sensitive to medications of all kinds, but since contracting covid-19 my anxiety and panic attacks have gotten completely unmanageable. I'm recovered from covid but the experience was deeply traumatizing, and I have like 25 years of anxiety and panic disorder that was mostly under control but came back full force after this experience. Anyway, my GP gave me buspar to try out. She told me to try 7.5 2x a day. Knowing myself and my anxieties over meds, I instead started with 1/2 of a 7.5 mg (3.75) 2x a day. For two weeks it was great until I started to feel the anxiety creeping again, and she said to change to 5 mgs 2x a day. I tried to slowly approach that by doing 3.75 mgs in the morning and 5 mgs at night, hoping to next move to the 5mgs 2x a day she suggested. The addition of the 5mgs at night instead of 3.75 triggered some insane migraines. 4 days in a row. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to go back to the 3.75 2x a day and then see how it feels to add a 3rd dose of the 3.75 because I had no issues with that dose. Well last night I took no second dose at all after being on a 5mg dose at night for 4 days. I took 1/2 xanax instead thinking it would be fine and I would wake up and go back to my old dose of 3.75. wow was I wrong. I guess you can't miss a dose of buspar?? I woke up from sleeping with a pounding heart up to 115 BPM, my entire body was shaking and I was super nauseous. It was the scariest feeling ever and very different from my usual panic attacks. After I took a 3.75 mg of buspar it slowly got better. WOW. I thought this drug wasn't supposed to be addicting? I'm very unsettled. 

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3 hours ago, Skella Tins said:

 WOW. I thought this drug wasn't supposed to be addicting? I'm very unsettled. 

In general, buspar is considered a pretty mild drug, and not considered addicting......But when you miss a dose of any med after taking it for awhile, you might notice some effects.

I have tried buspar in the past, and it didn't work for my anxiety at all, so it wasn't difficult for me to just stop it......In the end, I had to take clonazepam to control the anxiety.

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yeah it doesn't work for everyone, because from what I understand it works on anxiety in a very specific part of the brain. And if your anxiety is from a different part in the brain, yeah it won't do anything. It works very well for me, but finding the right dose that doesn't give me a migraine is the challenge I'm up against. Like on the highest dose I've been on so far i was like wow, i'm not anxious, i feel happy, i feel great everywhere except my head. my head is going to F- ing explode. and that went on for four days until I was like i can't do this anymore and dropped the dose down again. 

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Not only is Buspar not addictive, it's one of the medications most often used by addiction treatment centers as a substitute for benzodiazepines to treat anxiety in patients because it isn't addictive. But look at what you actually did - you missed a dose of Buspar... and instead of taking your missed dose as soon as you realized you missed it, you replaced it with Xanax, a benzodiazepine, which is addictive. There's no reason to think that the reaction you experienced is the result of a reaction to the Buspar, it's more likely that your reaction was to either the Xanax or to a combination of the Xanax and the Buspar together. Did your pdoc authorize you to take them together, or was that your own idea? Here at CB, we don't usually recommend treating our noggins as an experimental chemistry set. If we do, sometimes things go *~boom~*.

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