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This concept happened to show up in a social media meme, complete with title, after my case manager raised it


Reading further suggested that traumatic transference is common in hard of hearing patients in both therapy and audiology. Since communication styles and questioning often resemble struggling to communicate with hearing loss


I'm not hard of hearing/deaf, mum is


But tranference, from what I gather, is projecting issues with someone unrelated onto therapists and health care professionals


My case manager, Rachel, says my issues with care team are issues reflected from home life with mum


My former, 2 session, tdoc attributed it to history of trauma too


I don't know if start of last appointment was Rachel testing the theory. It began with discussion of migraines. She said I had a migraine in appointment with Dr Maria. Which I didn't. General physical run down came up and I mentioned that I suffer migraines. I don't know if she was legitimately not listening or testing my response to not being heard


I don't entirely know why I started this thread. Other than to acknowledge the possibility, and see if anyone else projects historical trauma on health care workers

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