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Salman Rushdie attacked

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  • 2 weeks later...

I saw a comment somewhere about how we shoud maybe blame Will Smith instead of Iran. Too dark? I'm old enough to remember the protests against The Satanic Verses. There was a bunch of Muslim men marching through the street with a head on the end of a stick. Scared the shit out of young me. Not a real head obviously, but I wonder where you got such a thing in the pre-internet days. It looked quite realistic. They'd obviously put some effort in those guys. Not a great introduction to the Muslim faith. But I've met other Muslim people since then and we're cool.

But yeah, the right to free speech. He's going to live, though his injuries might be life changing. The dickhead who did this wasn't even born when the fatwa was issued. We'll call him a terrorist but I think dickhead is more apt. What a fucking dickhead!

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