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Trying to put these pieces together.

Here's what I sent my GP:

( 10/06/22 (Thr Oct 6) 10:28 Am - Portal message from D )

Hello. So I was approved for belsomra through my Dent provider. However there is something weird occurring. This drug had no effect whatsoever on me. Also the clonazepam has had no effect on me. I took a benedryl- no effect as well as some excedrin- no effect. This has been over about 48 hours.
Now I am remembering in November of 2021 when I had the sinus ablation they needed to give me extra medication to sedate me because I kept talking through the procedure.
I am also reminded of how my Venlafaxine stopped working for me. Do you think this is all coincidence or could there be something happening with my metabolism or system? I am not sleeping well. Waking up with sweats and racing heart. Let me know what you think
Thank you

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In addition to that I'm having some other strange symptoms. Random sporadic sharp stomach pains with loose bowels. I had a burning sensation on my right side with the tiny little bump so they thought it was shingles but that went away. I'm waking up yawning with the racing heart I think I mentioned that. Was that a friend's get together last night and everyone turned to me and said oh my gosh you look like you are about to explode you're so red. So I was extremely hot and sweaty and clammy felt like I was going to throw up went outside came back inside again with the sharp stomach pains and loose bowels I came home and I threw up. I did have two small glasses of wine last night. I'm just concerned because of my blood work showing positive antibodies for an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately I can't get to see them for 9 months. When I went to see the doctor they said I was tachycardic and we're very concerned. I'm just putting this all out there in case someone else maybe can relate. Thank you for tolerating me

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