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Mukbangers in car


Watch people eat?  

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  1. 1. Watch people eat food ?

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This topic may be triggering to persons dealing with eating disorders. The associated poll has been accordingly closed to new entries, though we will permit reasonable discussion of the topic.

Background: Muckbang refers to an internet phenomenon originating in Korea (originally meokbang, ‘eat-show’) in which an online performance of food consumption is done, sometimes to excess. In some cases these performances are done for legitimate purposes to introduce new quisines, recipes, or cooking techniques, but in other cases they appear to be intended entirely for sensationalizing grotesque consumptive behavior and gluttony. The practice has been widely criticized for promoting harmful health practices, animal cruelty, and unnecessary waste.

One might add that in its worst expressions it appears to be a celebration of one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

We strongly discourage anyone dealing with any eating disorder from investigating this further. Indeed, we discourage anyone from investigating this further.

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Fair enough. I can see how that might be triggering. I can also see how farshad might be weirdly fascinated by such crap. #peoplearefuckingweird. I'm quite fascinated by the idea that people record and share videos of this. Why? I'd probably watch some of these videos just to try to understand the appeal. I haven't watched any. Yet. Sounds like food porn. Watch this guy swallowing a full load of ramen. Erm... sorry. I tried to say that in a tasteful way and I think I failed. Maybe stretching the topic but porn is weird. Sure, sex is pleasurable, but so are a lot of things. Watching other people do such things is usually boring. Someone likes a cup of coffee in the morning. Dial 5138008 (premium rate) to hear someone talk about how they can't get enough hot coffee. Flat white or latte?

I really don't know what the hell I'm talking about sometimes. Porn and coffee. How did I get here? Yes that number was so immature.

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