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21 hours ago, Wonderful.Cheese said:

Is gabapentin a benzo medication? Is it a controlled substance? I don’t understand. My psych NP told me it was safe to take and that the max dose is 3,600 mg. I’m on 2,400 mg currently. She made it sound like it was a safe alternative to clonazepam, which is what she took me off of and swapped for gabapentin. But, I’m still anxious in many ways. I’m pretty much just screwed to live life like this, right? This is why I can’t have nice things?

it is not a benzodiazpine. it is an analgesic/anxiolytic/antiepileptic drug that works in a significantly different manner.

wikipedia has a good overview of the medication and it has a warning/contraindication in its use in those suffering from depression, or just in general, as its propensity to induce depression is quite high. both gabapentin and pregabalin induced rather severe depression and it has been a nightmare of a process tapering pregabalin, but i'm finally freeeeeee.

if taking it daily, know that if you want to taper off, the withdrawal can be nearly as intense as that of the benzodiazepines. if comparing gabapentin to pregabalin, pregabalin is more effective in my experience as an anxiolytic;  pregabalin is schedule V and gabapentin isn't controlled in the US.

both pregabalin and gabapentin do work relatively well to calm an anxious person down. i don't know if i'd personally say that it's any better than high-dose ssri/snri treatment, but everyone responds differently and i don't know what your diagnoses are.

anyhow, i wish you well. try it and if it work s with minimal side effects, great. if it doesn't work or if significant side effects pop up, particularly new or worsening depression, i'd caution against using it for an extended period of time because, again, the withdrawal can be horrific and the depression deep.

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