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We are sure that some of you may wish to stay in touch with one another outside this forum if you do not already do so, and may intend to approach another member, or another member may approach you. Please keep the following in mind:

* Some members have conditions that would make them uncomfortable sharing personal contact information even though they may feel quite comfortable sharing information about their lives here in a relatively safe environment. Please take this into account if you decide to ask someone for such information.

* If someone declines your request, don't take it personally. We all have our demons.

* Do not feel obligated to give such information if it would make you uncomfortable, nor feel required to explain why you feel so. You might simply thank the person for their consideration, but explain that you would prefer move in a new direction.

* Please be cautious not to post personally identifying information about yourself in forums in the public view during this period. Personal Messaging is still unaffected.

We have always kept a close watch to ensure that members don't accidentally expose their real world identities, for obvious reasons.


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