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Why I'm Grateful I found Crazyboards [repost from blog]

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I have met some of the most incredible people here.
I've seen people on their worst days manage to send a word of comfort or kindness to someone else
I've seen people like myself who are supposedly crazy manage to mend fences after they were damaged and comfort each other after hurt feelings and disagreements
I saw emotional intelligence before I knew how to recognize it yet
I've seen people who have every right to be angry and bitter because of experiences they've had, instead be so open to other people's perspectives and so understanding of other people's struggles
I have received such kindness
I've seen true gentle leadership and level-headedness from mods that I never could have managed, consistent "differentiation" 
I've seen people manage to develop and learn and survive and above all be kind even in horrific circumstances or dealing with demons from their past 
I've been able to tell people here things I could never tell anyone, more than I told any tdoc
I've seen beautiful crafts, art, photography, cakes, pets
I've seen beautiful words expressing ugly injustice and pain
I've learned so much and seen such incredible wisdom
I've been comforted and empathized with on horrible days
I've been given excellent advice
I've been shown life-changing empathy

When I first came here I was feeling so ashamed and expecting to be shamed but instead everyone understood and was kind

I want to thank everyone so much for making me feel welcome here and safe. You will always be my friends.

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Thank you for being here when I needed it.  I wanted to know I wasn't alone and I found out I wasn't.  I wanted to better understand my condition(s) and how I could get better, and I went here first when considering a new medicine (so I could know how it affected real people and as opposed to a TV commercial).  There was a time in my life when this site was a lifeline.  Thank you to all the posters that gave me encouragement and helped me survive through some very dark days.

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