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On January 8 I will find myself very much alone. I hadn’t realized how much CB had become my connection to other people until I realized that the day was coming when I would no longer be able to log in here like I do several times every day. Now, since my few friends all live more than 10 hours’ drive from me or more, I will have no one.

 I have read posts from some of you expressing fear of isolation and loneliness. I understand very well. But I encourage you not to sink into isolation even though making new connections and building relationships may be hard for you. Human beings are a social species. We need the company of others to thrive. Some might say that interacting with others is the whole point of a human life, because it is in the way we share snd learn from one another that we change, and grow.

We here have formed our bonds through our shared experience of MI, but that is only one facet of each of our lives. Each of you is a complex individual, full of thoughts and interests about things in the world, and you are not alone in the things that you enjoy. Out in the world there is a tribe of people who share every given interest because it is their passion, whether it be in music, art, food, sport, pets, entertainment, or whatever cause stirs your heart. Love the ocean? There’s a sea of people to swim with out there. Love goats? There’s an entire herd of goat fanciers who are delighted to bleat about them to anyone who will listen. Every interest gathers like-minded people somewhere - go find them, on the internet, and in life.

You will take a part of CB with you wherever you go, because you were a part of it. Treat everyone you encounter with the same tolerance, patience, and respect that you have shown to your fellows here, and you won’t be alone for long.

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4 hours ago, DogMan said:

Cerb, before the lights go out-Can you please explain the origin or meaning behind your username? I've long wondered

In Greek mythology, Cerberus (Κέρβερος) was the three-headed dog that stood watch over the entrance to the Underworld. I’ve always identified with it because I’ve always felt as though I’m standing at the gates of hell. Unlike Cerberus, however, whose duty was to prevent anyone from getting out, I’ve always felt that my duty was to prevent anyone else from coming in.

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