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my gratitude can't go far enough..


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I am going through my blog and saving entries one by one to dropbox.  Reading through them I am more than grateful to all of you.  The amount of support and kindness is beyond words.  I am so lucky to have had people like you in my life.  Theres wisdom in us all regardless of our illnesses.  I think it important to give ourselves permission to live in a place of understanding that.  Never let this struggle be all you are.  There is always more to you than what you are faced with in your mental struggles.  All I can think is how sad it makes me to feel like I am losing everyone that lifted me up.  Whether you commented on my blog or not you were important to me. 

 I am taking with me a place of people that helped me and eachother in a way I wished the whole world worked.

Remember to take your damn meds..

Speak up to the your care team..you are responsible for your care

Let yourself live

I am going to miss all of you

Thank you all for being alive and in the know

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