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med help - ssri'd out

Guest Jake007

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Guest Jake007

I have had anxiety for many years with some ocd issues- just obsessing, not really physical compulsions, some good anxiety attacks as well.

So I have tried all the ssri's and they all do the same thing, make me tired, lazy, unmotivated, and just blah.  My mood is OK. 

recently i took some online add tests since my tdoc says it is possible.  I scored highly and told my pdoc today, he says he isn't suprised but it doesn't mean it is add, it can easily be ocd/anxiety.

I have a wandering mind, worry all the time, trouble focusing, anxiety attacks, always thinking, bored easily, fidgety, etc.

So I am on prozac 40mg and the anxiety is better, don't take the klonopin anymore really, but the tiredness and focus issues, etc are still a problem, so the pdoc told me today to give it one more month - that will be 4 total.  if things are better then he will look at changing my meds or add something, problem is he wouldn't tell me what.

However, in the beginning he mentioned cymbalta and effexor - both which I sort of (did) refuse. 

Do they help with add type issues as well as energy, motivation, and anxiety?

If not them then what would I add?  I read wellbutrin gives anxiety issues and doesn't really help with ADD?

stratterra seems to be good with ADD but haven't read that it works for motivation, tiredness, etc.?

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