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Combining Concerta and Ritalin

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Since Concerta isn't really working anymore but Ritalin does, for some weird reason, my pdoc prescribed me both.

54 mg of Concerta when I wake up.

30 mg of Ritalin at 2 pm.

30 mg of Ritalin at 7 pm.

Which makes a total of 114 mg of methylphenidate. I used to take 90, so I guess it isn't absurdly high for me, I tend to need high doses of everything.

I want to try dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine in US, right?) but my pdoc has no experience with it so she wants a second opinion first. And it's hard to get a licence to prescribe it, you have to send in the evaluation of the neuropsychiatric examination and so on... So I guess this is only temporary if she can precribe me Dexedrine later.

Anyone heard of combining Concerta and Ritalin?

This is my first day and I must say it's working.

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