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freakin idiots at my college


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More people who know nothing about MI, but for some reason persistently think that they do (it's not just mental illness, though, the following two guys have sounded off stupidly and completely self-assuredly on everything from immigration to neanderthals and homosexuality).

This is really long, but funny, in a pathetic sad way. We use a network tool called webCT for classes: instructors can post assignments and lecture notes, make announcements, etc, and there is a messge board. All semester these two dumbasses have been posting utter nonsense on it and usually I (along with everyone else in the class) ignore it (because, apparently unlike them, I have better things to do), but this was hard to resist. It's worth reading the whole exchange if you can be patient that long! Note the atrocious grammer, spelling, weird syntax and ridiculous nonsensical assertions.

Uninformed Ass Clown #1:

Reading my psych book, i recently found out some interesting facts.

Psychologists use a test called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of

Mental Disorders (DSM). This test is fairly accurate in diagnosing

different disorders and offering possible good treatments. But one thing

seemed to stick out to me. Some of us are apparently suffering from

voyeurism. Voyeurism is a disorder included in the test's bank and it is

when people are sexually aroused by watching someone else undress and/or

are aroused by watching people have sexual relations with one

another......By this point i was thinking,...Can you say strip

club?......gogo dancing?...American pie 1 and 2? ... that is almost

EVERYBODY....apparently we ALL must be suffering from this psychological

disease and are in DIRE need of medical attention and therapy.       


Uninformed Ass Clown #2:

I think the DSM was the old version. I think what it is now is the DSM

5, or maybe they have yet adjusted it again. I think it is all B.s

anyway. All psyc is is a legal term to study humans. Testing ect.  That

is why they are allowed to use med, and do case studies without

long-term affects of the medication that is used. It is America

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I think he's just a crazy idiot. Scientology would denote some capacity for organized thinking.  Which I'm pretty sure he doesn't have!

Okay, so I wasn't mad until he sent me a private message telling me that "someone needs to take there medication."  ;) WHAT?!

And posted this on the thread:

"As giving you advice, I was discussing an issue with someone about there

post, and you made a comment so I commented back. Sorry if for any

reason you thought we were in an argument, or if you thought I was

trying to belittle you in anyway about your condition. I clearly thought

I was in a discussion. I can see now i was not. Please do not take it


Patronizing f*ck! My "condition"?

He also sent me a link to his myspace profile (it's creepy) and told me that he was a little older than me (how does he know that?) so obviously he knows better. 

I wanted to reply so badly, but I resisted and went to do violence to my laundry instead. :)

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Geez, I hope he's not bright enough for med school!


He won't make it in the sciences - the instructor for his mandatory (at my alma mater)

tech writing course would run out of red ink!  Then again, there's always room for the

other end of the bell curve...

By the way, lithium carbonate is not "a salt from the ocean floor"  ;)

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those guys sound like half of my family, do not understand didly squat on how the human body (primarily the mind here) works.  And if they did, they'd probably die from chronic disbelief.  i had similar experiences at the last community college i went to.  And yes one of my favorite T shirts, you guessed it, says "I hate Stupid people like you"

those guys need a shirt that says "i'm with stupid" with the arrow pointin at their heads.

good thing i didn't have to take the DSM-IV test, 1200 pages is kinda long ;)

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