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Yeah, so I'm new here.

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Hi V.  welcome!

Glad you have joined us.  We do have a number of students and a forum for school related threads.

I have edited your school name for the time being to protect your anonymity.  The board is searchable by the major search engines so someone could put together your name and school and figure out your identity. Jump in and you can reveal info later if you are comfortable.

Take a look at the newcomers info at the top.  We do encourage protecting your identity.

Feel free to post, and ask any of the mods for help.


a.m.    p.s. we have an IRC channel at #crazymeds

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Welcome to the nuthouse!

I couldn't help but notice the link to websudoku in your signature.  I'm totally addicted! 

I also enjoyed wandering around the personality type websites, thanks for the link.  Depending on which (free!) test I took, I came out either as an ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging), or an INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving).  Seems contradictory at first, but then again, I'm 47 so have learned some coping skills to make up for personality deficiencies depending on the situation. 

Hope you will gain as much as I have from the people here, it's a tremendous resource, and a hell of a good port in a storm, if you get those.  See you round.

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