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Just wondering if I'm taking anything here thats a bad interaction. Ive seen several docs over the past few months and sometimes I think they forget what Im already taking.

Lexapro 10mg am

Wellbutrin Sr 150mg am

Hydrochlorothizide 5mg am

concerta 18 mg am

Aciphex 20mg am & pm

Topamax 50mg for migrans pm

strattera 40mg pm

Robaxin 1000 mg for TMJ pm

Arthotec 75/200 mg prn for pain (I cant take asprin or other NSAID)

GI cocktail (yes my doc really sent me home with that crap) prn

I run this stuff in the drug checker and dont find anything to bad, but I still worry alot about all these damn pills.

and since I can never sleep anymore I would love to take some trazodone at bedtime but Im kinda skeert to. LOL

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