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Hi, i'm 28, work as an I.T. Technician, have a 6 yr old boy, and feel really alone right now.  2 weeks ago i had my first ever manic episode and scared the hell out of my friends and boyfriend, I have since been diagnosed BP and prescribed Prozac 20mg daily.  Lots of people have stopped talking to me and I feel like I should just go away. I cant make my head be quiet, I also cannot tell the difference between what is reality and what my head has created so I come out with the most ridiculous statements/accusations.  I'm guessing this is all part of being bp but I dont know how to deal with it! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Elly, Welcome!

I'm sure this has hit you like a ton of bricks and left you reeling.

We have a lot of links to Bipolar sites in the Bipolar forum.


I don't want to go shooting holes in your treatment after only two weeks, but is highly unusual to be placed on Prozac after initial diagnosis following a manic episode. 

It is not unusual to be shaken up after an episode. However, your doctor should be taking your symptoms seriously and treating them aggressively. Having racing thoughts can be controlled with the right med.

I am very concerned about you having difficulty telling what is real from the thoughts in your head (this may be delusions). This can be a less common symptom that accompanies Bipolar disorder, but should not be ignored or taken lightly.  Again, the right meds can help control this.

If you don't feel better in a day or so, call your doctor immediately and let him know that you are having  racing thoughts, and difficulty distinguishing reality.  He should have you in the office no later than the next day.

Are you seeing a psychiatrist?

Hang in there, it will get better, I promise!


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i agree with above about prozac, but before i rant, you are welcome here for here you are amongst equals. Since we're all equal anyway, ;)

I remember my first REAL panic induced breakdown, i was scared so much so i locked myself in my house for over a week.  as for people not talking to ya, i get the same stigma here even from old close friends so much that i wasn't invited to the last two's (friends) weddings, evidently knowing someone bipolar can affect your life!  Sorry that probably doesn't help much. 

p.s. it doesn't hurt (actually helps) if you can afford it to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, of course not all docs will agree on everything but it helps to find the right thing that needs to be done to/for you.

REMEMBER, never take other peoples misunderstandings offensively, it can only make things worse.  oh yeah, smile everyonce in a while, it doesn't hurt honestly!

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Hi Elly,

Welcome to CB. It's agreat place to hang out & feel that you still belong.

I have BP bad & I have done some really stupid, shitty, crazy ass things. Guesss what, I'm still here & doing OK. It isn't easy sometimes but heh what is?

I also concur on the prozac not being normally a BP first line med. A mood stabilizer is usually needed first. I am no doc though & you should discuss this with yours.

Good luck.

See you around CB.

Take care


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Hey Elly,

I too am Bipolar (from Waaay back), I work in IT, and have a six year old son.

Go figure.

Don't give up, and don't despair. This absolutely can be done. You can be a professional, and a mother. Bipolar does not define you, it is simply another facet of who you are. Treat it seriously, just as you would your job or your parenting, but know that it need not rule your life.

I'm going to chime in about the Prozac seeming like a bad idea for a recently manic person with Bipolar. I really suggest you talk to your doc about that.

Do some Google searching on antidepressants or Prozac and Bipolar or mania, and I think you'll see why we're concerned.

Welcome to our neck of the woods.

We're glad you're here.


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Welcome Little Blue. While I'm not bipolar, I am also a 28yr old mom with a six year old son. Tough enough, add MI and watch the stress go through the roof.

I agree with all my friends have said before. Talk to your doc. SSRI's usually aren't the first line of defense. Was this a gp that diagnosed you? Cuz you really need to be under the care of a good psychiatrist.

We're all here for you, and again Welcome to CB.


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Thanks for the replys and links guys, ive read a bit more about bp and associated conditions and im not sure if ive been diagnosed correctly.  I first went to see my local GP (who is quite an old guy) a while back as I was experiencing the non stop thinking about bad stuff and he prescribed me an old style antipsychotic drug which I started taking for a day but it made my head go numb and nearly brought on a panic attack (which I have also suffered with on and off for years).  Anyway, I went back and explained that my moods were very up one day (jumping on bed etc) then very down where i'd be in floods for no apparent reason except that life was hell so he prescribed me Prozac instead.

On top of all this my boy has just had a massive tantrum because I asked him to turn the computer off and told me he wants to live with his dad, im trying not to take this personally as the situation is very hard for all of us but with a full days work tomorrow and an exam tommorow night im not sure how long its gonna be before I crack again.  I do have an appt with a psych for next wednesday for an assessment so hopefully will be prescribed something which doesnt make me so hypomanic!

Thanks again ;)

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Heya Little-Blue-Elly,

Nice to meet you.

I hope your paych has something useful for you!!

Dealing with the aftereffects of a manic ep is hard, hard.

We're here for you.

And, heheh.  You're now here for *us.*



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