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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...new CDC studies

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From the Los Angeles Times Chronic Fatigue Is in the Genes, Study Finds: Mutations are to blame for a syndrome often scoffed at as imaginary, researchers say.

first off... gotta LOVE the first sentence

Chronic fatigue syndrome, often dismissed as the imaginings of depressed and whiny people, is caused by genetic mutations that impair the central nervous system's ability to adapt to stressful situations, according to a major new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
that made me seethe and giggle.  because yes, i'm sure all those people who said "but you don't look sick" were thinking "you're just a neurotic depressed girlie who whines too darn much."

the article then goes on to explain that

Small changes in many of the genes in the brain prevent the nervous system from rebounding from everyday stress and from less frequent, stronger pressures, eventually triggering a cascade of molecular responses that leave the patient severely debilitated, researchers reported Thursday in 14 separate papers in the journal Pharmacogenomics.

"This is the first credible evidence for a biological basis" for the syndrome, said CDC Director Dr. Julie L. Gerberding.

(anyone subscribe to that journal and want to tell me about the articles?)

and, of course, the good news (other than being able to rub this in people's faces who looked at me like i thought i was a southern belle) is:

"Pharmaceutical companies have been sitting on the sidelines because they have not been able to get their hands around CFS," she said. "This gives them something to latch onto" and identifies treatment possibilities that haven't been explored.

lets just hope that it doesn't take them 15 years to come up with some meds...

oh, and SUPER COOL, the CDC is repeating the study with THIRTY THOUSAND patients!  that's such good news.  i'm so hopeful that new and successful treatments will come of this.  and soon.

it's nice to see a flood of research on something that mainstream medicine seems to have dismissed as just a problem that middle aged neurotic women have and need to just get over.

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This is only my second posting and am not sure how to use this system.  Like to connect with others trying to recover and get well whatever that is.

I don't know about CFS, but know I have been very fatigued lately. I have been experiencing some difficult emotions around memories recalled from childhood.  My wife is also going through similar fatigue.  She is also dealing with her childhood trauma - atleast we are not going through these difficult times alone.  Although i do feel different than others (low self esteem?)

I am glad I found this site-don't really know how.  Bit here I am.

Hello and goodbye for now

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Could only find the abstracts in Pharmacogenomics. I'll see if I can get any info from my doc. I don't have CFIDS, but he's a big name in the field. Won't see him for awhile, so may take some time to get back to you, if I can get anything.

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