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I have anxiety and maybe some OCD or ADD, maybe some of both?

Still waiting to see the pdoc and tdoc to find out about getting further testing but the pdoc told me he would change things if the prozac still left me being tired, lazy, unmotivated and the obsessive thinking with the issues focusing and stuff were still a problem.

I take 40mg of prozac and I have shaky hands from it, lazy feeling, unmotivated but don't need klonopin daily anymore so the anxiety is better.

However, it isn't helping with the ocd/add type issues.

Does effexor work on those things or should I be looking at just adding something to the prozac?  The pdoc doesn't want me on a stimulant and I don't think I should be on one either because of the anxiety.

Lexapro actually worked better for just the anxiety because I didn't have the shaky hands, however the tiredness, lazy stuff was still there.

Will effexor be better with that tired stuff or should I be talking about adding something?

does effexor work on the add/ocd type issues?

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