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cymbalta or effexor

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I am trying to get ready for my next pdoc appt and have a feeling I am heading towards effexor or cymbalta.

Can anyone tell me the main differences in these?  I know effexor takes longer to work on Neurepenephrine, but how much longer?  Doses seem much lower on cymbalta.

guess the biggest concerns are some liver issues on cymbalta

blood pressure issues effexor

and do you get the tiredness/lazy, unmotivated stuff like with ssri's?  Do either of these help with ADD?  I read in places effexor is being used for add/ocd so does it work for some?

what are the typical doses and I know withdrawal is hell, if prozac is added to get off the meds then are the sides still as bad?

and the biggest thing bugging me is the person that killer herself during the trial of cymbalta who had no issues of depression or any mental issues.

I guess, how does that happen?

If ssr's make me tired and effexor works just like an ssri then won't it do the same thing?  and since it doesn't work on neurepenehprine (however you spell it) until HIGH doses aren't I guaranteed the blood pressure issues and isn't that heart trouble waiting?

does cymbalta just work on both right away?  but that has liver issues and isn't really studied because it is so new - effexor withdrawal might suck but I haven't found anything new on cymbalta about the weird stuff yet because it is so new.

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