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I am amazed at this person I have become.

I was always searching for my true self.

BP came along and I was stripped of everything I knew or thought about myself. Down to my bare soul.

I have been forced to examine the things I find important. The way I want to present myself to others. To find the qualities that make up me.

I was given a second chance to re-build myself. Fill myself with all the traits I find desirable.

I am very happy with the results. Still a ways to go, but gettin' there.

Have a soul-searching day!


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I've read the theory on another BP site that we have a BP personality, which includes things that are just a part of who we are and are not a disease, and then there are the elements of disorder that come out at times. That does not mean we are always sick, but we are always BP in our personality. We're creative, passionate, introspective people. We're not always sick...

I think that feeds into what you're saying about knowing yourself. We realize who we are under our initial cloak of normalicy and find this BP personality. We have the chance to reinvent, learn to live with and manage ourselves, and gain wisdom from our experiences. We can put all this to use to help ourselves and others.


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thank you loon-a-tik for those wonderful words.

that probably explains why i don't like anything i owned before bp. i love things of beauty and color.

also, why i can see the wrong as clear as day.

why i can read people to a tee.

why i can see those who are suffering.

why i want to reach out to others.

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Heya gettin' there,

Makes me a better FP.

Unless I'm mixed.

In fact, mostly, even then, although then I suck as a DW.

Thanks for making me think about that.


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Check out Dr. Jean M. Bradt at willigocrazy.org and read her ideas on bipolar and the bipolar personality. She's a fascinating woman and a really good resource for those of us who wonder on a second-by-second basis who we really are.

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