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ok so tomorrow i start lexapro cause i have a nasty habit of constantly swinging into very dark depressed moods where i self injure and threaten to kill myself.

i have just gone through my list of meds and realise i am now up to antidepressant number 6 in this rollercoaster ride of "finding the right med"

here is my list

1. effexor

2. celexa

3. lovan

4. luvox

5. remeron (avanaza)

6. lexapro

this is on top of the numerous meds i have tried for mood stabilising and anti psychotics and benzos.

no wonder i am still a mess with all these yucky drugs going in and out of my body in just two short years. i reckon if i added them up it would be close to 25-30 in 2yrs.

how many different drugs have u been on in the last few years?

i know they have to mix the cocktail to find whats right but it just dawned on me today what a shaken and stirred cocktail i truly am. my doc certainly earns his keep with me!

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I have been on many different meds, as for the anti depressants:

Been on Zoloft 4 times. Had success when I added an AP, but I was unstable as hell.

Cymbalta: Worked great for months and then just stopped working.

Paoxetine: Did nothing for my depression, only helped anxiety.

Effexor: Did nothing for me.

I'm now on Prozac for the 2nd time. If it works like it did before I will be in good shape, but it has one horrible side effect: difficulty in getting aroused. None of the other ADs have done this to me (they only delayed my orgasm).

I'm depressed as hell right now and am constantly thinking of suicide. It will take fluoextine at least 3 weeks to build up, - I know that from experience.

I might try 1) adding Wellbuturn, or 2) going on Lexapro.

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I've done everything but the luvan and luvox(unless in the U.S. they have a different name) and I've had no success at all with AD's. I've tried for now coming on 19 years with no good effects. anti-psychotics have always helped me the best but I had one really good month with zoloft. Wellbutrin made me manic, lexapro and remeron made me paranoid, effexor and celexa made me sick as a dog. (Those were NOT a good two months)Please keep trying you'll find a cocktail that works for you. I know it's hard but keep trying.



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11. Cymbalta...might have forgotten some.

They have all helped to different degrees, but I've never been free of depression yet.

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good luck with lexapro. that worked pretty good for me until... well... until it stopped working. eh.

my turn~












they're not all antidepressants, but since I'm so weird, I think my doctor held out hope that any of them might work as one. I don't remember the last time I wasn't on some bizarre cocktail.

the weirdest was probably the depakote (made me ocd) or klonopin (made me fall asleep and then hallucinate, luckily I was in a mental hospital for this one). I was on a somewhat fluctuating lexapro / depakote / seroquel sort of thing forever... after a five/six week long respite, I'll be restarting my prozac / abilify / ativan cocktail tonight or tomorrow.

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This is my list since apr/05 1. paxil 2 effexor 3. celexa 4. remeron 5. wellbutrin 6. trazadone 7. lithium 8. zyprexa. Take away the paxil and celexa you have my current mix.

take care


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