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Complex Migraines. Neurological Auras. Things. Stuff. CRAP. AAARRGH.

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I have been getting a lot more complex migraines "like whoa" lately. Which I don't usually talk/post about or whatnot, but what can ya do.[Though actually I have been dong it a lot more... so maybe it's turning into "which I usually talk about..."]

Anyway. A lot of the time, they are only a few minutes and not too bizarre. But sometimes they are longer and distorted and just weird. I was looking at some descriptions of migraine phases and found a few case studies that seemed a little familiar.

The International Classification of Headache Disorders doesn't have Complex Migraines in it... but I have been dx'd with them. And that's hard to put together and just accept and sometimes to believe... RARGH.

Anyway. I found these and found it amusing.

... Anxiety, d
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You know I've often wondered why it takes so long (decades sometimes) for the medical community to decide to study a specific aspect of a disorder/disease/condition,etc.

I can't believe that complex migraines aren't listed in the ICHD. Strange.

I've personally only had aura's twice (knock on wood) since I've been having migraines. And that's been since puberty. Family history, all the women in my family get migraines. And a few of the men.

It kinda scares me that they often resemble seizures. Especially since I have a childhood history of tonic-clonics. I still have weird brain things happening since then. Like, I'll try to tap a spoon on the edge of my coffee cup and my fingers will literally not move. I'm staring at my hand, willing it to move and it won't budge. Just hovers over the cup shaking a little. A good thirty seconds will go by before my hand decides to cooperate with my brain. I wonder if that would be considered motor phenomena?

Maybe they'll eventually come up with a new classification of aura type symptoms. Not seizures, but not migraines. I don't know. I do know alot more research needs to be done. What does your doc say about it?


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Hey to all of you reading. I have had migraines for years. Aura's always preceeded them. They cam quickly and were usually face related. My lips and tongue would go numb, then my nose, aura would increase and then blamo!!! kill me brain crusher. About 4 months ago, I noticed that the aura's were different. I was getting them 4 -8 times a day, but not a migraine. All the meds were the same. My neurologist put me on lamictal about 1 month ago, and they aren't happening as often. My head feels clearer, the auras are better, the convulsions are decreasing. He was saying something about brain pressure when there are aura's and no migraine. Who knows. All i know is it is making a difference. good luck.

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