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lonely and pathetic

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Guest guest

so i'm here sitting around in a dark room being ultra dark and depressed and just plain old lame.

i'm waiting for something?...

i'm lonely and alone and can't do anything about it.

i hate my pills and would rather confine myself to slowly killing myself via poison.

i miss someone but

this sucks.

i can't even be honest about the way i am feeling because i am afraid of my visibility.

i want to be known yet feel raw being visibile.

fucking great.

i don't know what to do anymore.



wish i could drink.

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Are you the same guest who started another thread about wanting to drink but trying to stay away, then Olga answered, but you'd already started? Is that you?

Come back and post some more. None of us uses any identifying info, and it sometimes does help to post and get it out there.

If you stay unregistered, know that people will read, but may not respond.

If you register, know that people will read, and more will likely respond.

But in either case, your words will be read, and you won't be so alone anymore. OK?


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