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Suggested reading for a boyfriend?

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I completely destroyed a long-term, deep relationship with perpetual rages and acrimony and pure misery. He has always, always stuck by me even though I was cruel, detatched, lazy, selfish, hopeless, and did I mention cruel? Cruel. I have only now begun treatment for bipolar II (I have never experienced mania or even euphoria, just unhappiness and uncontrollable fury) but by now the damage is just too deep. We're friends; our connection is just too strong to ever sever completely, and he is supporting me and has been more patient through the years than you could even imagine. But our other relationship is over for good and it's my fault. I'd like to at least suggest some reading material for him that might help him understand why I've been so angry and cruel and hurt him so much. Does anyone have any book suggestions? I thought some understanding of all this might help him let go of some of the damage I've done to his spirit and self-esteem and general outlook on life.

Thanks everybody.

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Hi, zef...

I haven't read any books yet myself. I'm sure other people will give you some recommendations.

I've gotten a lot from Dr. Phelps' site: Bipolar II - Mood swings without 'manic' episodes. If you go there, you'll see he's recently written a book based on the information from his website.

Here's where you can find some books mentioned by people here at CB; some have fairly extensive reviews:

Best book about bipolar

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

Dr. Phelp's (psyceducation) new book

Books For Family And Friends - this is a list of books about different types of MI; if you scroll down, you'll see 3 on Bipolar.

If a loved one is bipolar - more about information available from websites.

Seems that Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is mentioned frequently. Again, I can't speak from personal experience about it.

Good luck!


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