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Well, I've been rationalizing it as something else for a while, but it seems that I've got the hypomania train chugging along through the valley. At least my spending patterns and requiring medication to sleep say so. And short temper. And dammit, I was just at pdoc's on the 2nd. I really don't want to call him...know I need to, though. Or else I'll likely end up some sort of drunken mess when I go roadtripping in...geez, 12 days.

...How many articles of clothing can one person own, again? (i need to get some matching shoes!)


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sigh. must be.

$225 for a teeth whitening kit via the dentist - all money goes to charity so this is a good thing

$365 on an amp for my bf's truck

$100 on sweaters for work?

$150 on 2 hoodies (because i needed them) duh...i dont have enough

$100 on shoes that i will probably not wear more than twice (one pair that doesnt fit me but i had to wear for the *hot* factor)

...and tonight i went to the drug store to get my no baby pills and spent $75 on a ring and earrings. WHAT THE FUCK do i need new jewellery for? oh. right. just because.

all of this in just over a week. WHAT line of credit?

and in between all of this ive been crying and yelling at myself well, just because.

no sleep, 12hrs of sleep. no sleep, 13hrs of sleep.

pdoc in a week.

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My condolences, guys. I can't join you this year, thanks to the heavy hand of Abilify. But I was there in the fall, and have the closet full of ill-fitting, froufrou teenager clothes and pricey costume jewelry to prove it.


sometimes really likes shiny things

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