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Sub-hypomanic obsessiveness

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Does this happen to you?

I missed the spring mania season, but in February, I decided that the only thing that mattered in life was to write poetry (!), and I took a bunch of workshops, and let other things go. Same old story, just a different obsession.

Now I'm coming back to reality, and I wonder: Since I have done this before (usually when hypo, but now I am so medicated that full hypomania is out of the question), is it just a personal quirk? Or is it spring madness struggling to break free?

Curious about your experiences,


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Never been quite as bad about it as you describe, but I know that I'll get overly obsessed with writing or drawing, and find it hard to accomplish much of anything else. It might just be related to the seasonal change... "Hey, it's sunny, time to get something accomplished!"

I don't see anything wrong with getting into something like that, so long as it doesn't mess with regular life too much, which it sounds like it did for you. So maybe you just need to learn to compromise with yourself?

(And spring mania season my ass, spring always sends me into depression. The world gets too hot!)

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