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Adderall tabs vs. Adderall XR

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I am too tired to search on this topic right now, though I will later. I have switched over from taking an XR dose of Adderall to a tablet IR dose of Adderall two times a day. The tablet IR form works above and beyond what the XR form had.... any reason why?

When I was on the XR form at 20 to 25 mgs, I'd get a good uplifting effect where I was interested in getting things done and my concentration was great the first 2 to 3 hours on the XR dose; after the first 2 to 3 hours of the dose I'd get more or less just an awake effect throughout the rest of the day. Now that I've switched over to taking the tablet form (10 mgs in the morning and 10 mgs 4 hours later), I get the positive cognitive and motivational effects for at least 6 hours of the 8 hours I feel the Adderall working. Hands down decent.

I had read some info on the efficacy of amphetamine being better if it were given all at once instead of being drug out throughout a longer period, such as in the situation of the XR dose: if it were a 20 mg XR dose, it would give 10 mgs instantly and then after the 4th hour of the dose it would give another 10 mgs gradually up to the 8th hour instead of just giving it all after the 4th hour.

Anyways, hell yeah! Well hell yeah! for the Klonopin I just took to get to sleep. Ah! another hell yeah for the generic Barr tabs costing tons less than the XR capsules! B)

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Hi Jonathonupr

Interesting about the immediate release. I am not familiar with the cns stims, but I could buy into that. Perhaps there is some trigger point that does better with a certain level. Just musing.

Glad you found a cheaper source.


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