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Is this cocktail overkill?

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This is what my pdoc wants me on for my ADD/Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia

Zoloft 100mg

Adderal XR 30mg

Straterra 80mg

Xanax - 1 mg 2 or 3 times a day

Ambien 10 mg at bedtime

Omega 3 fatty acid supplment


And he wants to add Lyrica in as an offlabel treatment for anxiety.

Now, I am about to lose my job. I am paranoid as to how I am gonna pay for all of the shit I am already on, will the lyrica really make any difference???

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It got some pretty nice reviews for anxiety on remedyfind.com. If you try it, please let me know how it works - our conditions and current cocktails are very similar.

Have you ever tried Gabitril? I'm not a pharmaceutical geek, but it seems very similar. Gabitril's been around a lot longer, so it might be cheaper. My pdoc recently mentioned trying to switch me to Gabitril to get me off Xanax (which I'm not crazy about taking long-term, nor is he). I'll have to ask him how Lyrica compares. The fact that it's a derivitive of Neurontin kinda scares me, though.

Also... since you're taking Xanax 2-3 times/day, you might want to ask your pdoc about the extended release formula. They just came out with the generic version. You get a much smoother release, which might help quell breakthrough anxiety. And maybe one pill would be a little cheaper than 2-3.

Finally, how long have you been on Zoloft? I may have had a paradoxical reaction, but when my last bout of depression hit a few years ago, I found that the Zoloft progressively made my anxiety worse as I increased the dosage (I went up to 75 mg).

Oh! One more thing. If you want a cheap way to get the Omega 3s, try whole, raw flaxseeds. They are way cheaper than the oil or capsules and taste pretty good (nutty). Lots of fiber and protein, too. I get them at the regular grocery story - down the baking isle.

I'm sorry about your job situation. That really sucks. The job market here is so crappy. Weren't you talking about moving out of state? No wonder why your anxiety is so bad!

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