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Typical APs for sleep ( Thorazine? )

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OK. I've had enough of this. After taking seroquel for a few years for anxiety and OCD as well as insomnia I've had to go off of it due to weight gain and the fact that it costs to damn much. In the time since I took my last seroquel I've had many night where I've not slept at all and many more where I've only slept a couple hours. Most days I'm so tired I'm not able to get anything done. Sometimes I decide not to take my ADD meds on the off chance that I might be able to finaly nap but that can be dangerous as sometimes when I do finaly sleep it's for 20 hours and then when i wake up i'm not able to sleep again for another three days.

Anyway. I'm going to call the pdoc today to ask about a micro dose of throazine to see about chemicly forcing myself back on some kind of sleep schedule.

Anyone have any experience with these used off label for sleep at low doses? I figure the hangover can't be much worse than zyprexa.

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Hey VE,

Nothing cured my insomnia like seroquel, but I also got pulled off it and my pdoc put me on 15 mg of Imovane and it's working for me. There is no fantastic pass out coma effect like seroquel, but I take the imovane and fall asleep a couple of hours later and stay asleep.

Have you tried any of the hypnotics? I know you can't get Zopiclone in the US, but maybe one of the others would be worth a shot?


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Guest FrannyNZooey

VE~ Did you try Trazodone already?

It is first I use since going to regular docs and just saying I had insomina, and doing the Ambien 10 mg, 2 hour sleep then wide awake, then Lunesta 3mg, like taking bayer aspirin, such a joke.

I do finally sleep, no coma like, which I like, I get kind of freaky if feel not in control of myself at all, but no hang over.

Just 7 hours of straight sleep on 50 mgs but then I am just 5'1", and 100#.

And no binge eating, and so far no weight gain, I would notice 1 # in my jeans etc.

Just wondering, if gave it try, probably in larger dose, well sure of that, I know I was told could take 2, so would be 100mg.

Hope you find something to work, lack of sleep was my worse enemy.


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Pdoc had me on thorazine for a few months, but it just pooped out suddenly. Low doses didn't really do much for me (but low doses of anything have never really helped my bizarre sleep patterns). I think I was eventually taking 300mg (not sure), and it worked initially, just blunted my affect somewhat... also had what the pdoc referred to as "breakthrough dreams" - falling asleep but not having my head shut up properly. I've just been put back on seroquel after a year's break from it.

Good luck - hope you find something to solve this. I know how wretched it feels.


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