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I dont feel important

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Guest Invisible

I have subscribed to various cyber messageboards including this one and lately I feel undervalued, unimportant, and invisible just like my very barren real life. I observe people interact online and engage in chat with their respective cliques and it goes on and on day after day. I have always felt like a nuisance, the different one, an outcast. The internet was a way for me to find others who are like me and form a bond or companionship. Although that hasnt worked either, my failures at social connection have followed me on the www as well... I still feel empty and the internet is useless besides paying bills. I tried.

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Well, feeling hopeless and invisible is one of the prime symptoms of being severly depressed. I don't think that anyone deliberately gets excluded here, if they participate.

Are you getting treatment? Do you have a psychiatrist, a therapist?



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well...i'm a part of a 12+ Springerland group. we all visit each others Springer threads. that being said, 2 weeks ago i had a meltdown, only got 3 responses. revealed something very personal recently, again only 3 responses. so the response rate to *me* isn't very high at all, and quite low when compared to some. in fact, for a period of months i swore i was a thread killer, because any thread i posted on immediately went dead.

i say that in order to emphasize that you are not the only one with the invisibility problem here. more than a few of us struggle with it. i'm not the warm, caring, nurturing earth mother nor the happy, bubbly, flirty young girl....and i don't get responded to in the same way those types do.

nonetheless, i have 2 say i have made friends here. it does take a while. posting once on someone's thread does not guarantee a response. you kind of have to go around and drop in & comment on several threads, kind of like mingling at a party. took me months. i just don't have the flashy fun personality.

still, if you want the interaction, it is here, you DO have to go after it. you can't just drop isolated posts once in a while. there's too many people on here. it's like whispering in a crowd. you HAVE to do some networking, introduce yourself around.

sorry if that's not helpful or what you want to hear, it's just the way i find things to be.

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Heya Invisible,

It's okay to hang around and see what people are babbling about.

When I showed up here, it was/is, seriously, like coming to some high-school party where I wasn't invited, i.e, story of my life.

But it's not.

Read around a lot, and see who matches your feelings, and hey, you don't have to actually *say* anything, if our babbling helps you.

Be well.


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