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Celexa or what? causing diarreah

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OK I need some opinions here quick. I just finished a 3 week stint in the local psyciatric ward. My pdoc recommended several different strategies for me She was seeing me once a month up to now then I had some type of manic phase and I was going to to go down the self-injury road and I hatched a plan to take my electric myter saw and saw my left leg off below the knee. When I told my pdoc this she told me come straight in and she took one look at me and had me admitted to the hospital she works in. She said I needed addmitted for some close monitoring for awhile. She suggested med change and E.C.T. thereapy right away. I was taking Effexor and Klonopin with serouel added in for sleep. She had me come off effexor slowly and start on Celexa, then she added Zyprexa 3 times a day as well as upped seroquel to 400mgs daily, and continue to use Klonopin as needed only. As I said in an earlier post, something is giving me the shits almost daily they do go away after about 2 - 3 hrs and I dont know what to do, could it be the withdrawl syptoms from the effexor, could it be the E.C.T. how about the Zyprexa? I'm having one more ECT treatment as an out patient tommorow and don't know wether I should ask for med a change or is it too soon on the celexa too think about chanaging.Should I give the meds more time or what?

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