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Laxatives to Antipsychotics...

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Ok, so here's what I take DAILY...

17g Miralax [long-term use laxative used for IBS-C]

100mg Seroquel [insomnia, Bipolar-mania, paranoia]

10mg Paxil [anxiety & depression]

300mg Lithium [bipolar-mania]

5mL Astelin: [nasal congestion due to allergies]

Zyrtec [allergies]

...and whenever my stomach is in pain I take Hyoscyamine, but I usually end up taking it daily. This list isn't counting the numerous Ibuprofens. If I'm only 19 and am on this many meds I wonder what I'll be like when old age sets in...

Sometimes I accept the fact that I need these meds to function, and other times I feel ashamed of having to take so many chemicals.

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Hey, you can look forward to old age because when you get REALLY old they try and take you off as many meds as possible. ;) ...not that that helps the current situation any.

Like Velvet Elvis said though, it's not your fault. It's those drugs you're taking that's (hopefully) helping you to lead a happier life amidst the vanillas. :)

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