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60 Minutes - Mike Wallace speaks on MI

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NAMI NEWS ALERT: 60 Minutes on Sunday, May 21

On Sunday, May 21, 2006, CBS correspondent Mike Wallace will make his last scheduled appearance on the news television show 60 Minutes, broadcast on CBS television stations at 7:00 ET/PT (Check local listings).

The show will highlight many parts of Wallace's career, but particularly poignant will be a frank discussion with his colleague Morley Safer about his struggle with depression -- including for the very first time, his attempted suicide.

Wallace has devoted himself to ending the stigma of mental illness and encouraging people to get help when they need it. This broadcast will continue to advance that public education. NAMI thanks him.

For more information, please visit the CBS Web site


I could say something really crude about this being helpful for the geriatric crowd ... cuz honestly, I can't relate to the man. ..... but I won't say anything more.

It's nice he wants to come out 'n all, but why is it so many people disclose at the end of a career? Why not talk about it while you're being a productive employee? ;)

Anyone gonna to watch?

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It's nice he wants to come out 'n all, but why is it so many people disclose at the end of a career? Why not talk about it while you're being a productive employee?

He did. Several times.

He never admitted the suicide attempt until now, however. When I've read accounts of his depression in interviews, he never presented it as that depressed. Granted, I haven't read his book(s).
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i've never read an interview with him, but in the one i saw with him where he was talking about some auction, he talked about his depression and it seemed quite serious. he didn't mention suicide, but one doesn't have to discuss suicide to be incredibly depressed, and he presented it as quite debilitating and then talked about medication but didn't mention which med. though i gather he's been on the same med for a long time.

i guess it would be better if people talked about their mental health problems while in the spotlight. but i think having successful people talk about it after the fact is also helpful as it highlights how hidden these problems can be and that you can't know who is affected a lot of the time.

i'll probably watch it. that would be the second whole time i've watched 60 minutes. (first was because stephen colbert was on. did you know his dad and 2 brothers died in a plane crash when he was 10?)

anyway, i hope it will be interesting and help someone who watches it.

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It was a very nicely done retrospective of his amazing career.

He has been so ... to me, brave, but to anyone ... undaunted. Committed.

And, depressed as all hell.

I think this helps.

Amazing career along with crippling MI.

Especially, think of it in the context of the "greatest generation" who lived through the Depression and WWII. If anything, worse to be MI than for us kids of boomers.

Really nicely done.

A tribute to a fearless journalist -- I haven't seen a better one, honest, and hey, he's American, so that's a hard criterion.


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Excellent! Despite my virtual TV virginity (I watch maybe one show a month- really), I'll be sure to see this one. I'm so happy that mental health issues are getting the good publicity they deserve. Maybe it will help to counter-balance the people who commit crimes and blame it on BP or something! (we with BP are VERY dangerous you know lol)

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Wow, he's a regular fucking Dick Cavett. My Marine Dad told me a story about back in 1966 when he has in a fighting hole with Wallace and his Cameraman up at Cam Lo or some such fucked up Hellhole which was on the DMZ in Viet Nam. Cameraman was between my Dad and Wallace when a mortar round came in and blew Cameraman the fuck up with messy results for all involved (ie. half a cameraman and a prodigious spray of gore). Not a scratch on Wallace or my Pop though. All this at a distanse of no more than a meter between them. True story. I guess I can see why Wallace be a bit disturbed after a day of that aggravating his condition . The lArd works in mysterious ways, no?

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