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Where to start?

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Hello everyone. My name is Lux and I guess I am here because the idea of people to listen sounds really refreshing. That doesn't mean that I'm not hoping to respond to other posters and help them too, because of course I am. But really, I'm an extremely overwhelmed person lately and could use the support.

I've had lots of trouble in the past with depression and eating disorders, but my life has been much better in the past few years. Lately, however, I'm going through a LOT of transition- moving cities, going back to college, having my boyfriend/fiance out of town for months at a time- and am getting seriously overwhelmed and depressed, and it is starting to affect me a great deal. I find myself getting antisocial and reluctant to do anything, and lashing out a lot, and well, I figure I should try to get through this in the healthiest way possible without reverting to past behaviors.

As you can tell, I can't wait to get into it... I suppose in a Springer thread? But I thought I'd do the right thing and start here!

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hi Lux.

transition is hard and overwhelming

at the best of times, so i hear you.

this is a good place full of great people.

i am sure you will find some peace here.



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