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Hello. New here (as the topic title suggests), stumbled across these crazy boards in my search for info on Respidral. I can't find any. I was prescribed it this morning and am too suspicious to just take it without a little bit information. Dr S says "It's not habit-forming and should help you sleep". Yippee-ki-yay but what's it got in it? How does it work and why? Will it be affected by other medications? Alcohol? Unfortunately this morning my mental/emotional state was inconducive to such questions and it was not until I got into bed that my much-afflicted grey-matter was able to articulate this general feeling of wary mistrsust towards the Respidral into anything tangible. Thus, I now hae a whole bunch of questions that I can't find answers to. Help anyone? Perhaps this is not the right place for this post but as I say - I'm new here

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Welcome 3ADZ:

I was on a small dose of Risperdal along with Effexor for depression. I was told here that Risperdal was to take away the edge. The edge of what?....I'm not quite sure. But it didn't seem to have any bad side-effects, and I just quit it when I wanted. Hope that helped.

See you around.

deb ;)

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Welcome 3ADZ,

Here is our info section on Risperdal with links to website and Prescribing Info sheet:


Rxlist has summary of PI info:


Drugs.com has a medication interaction checker. Enter the site and you can input all the meds you are taking and get detailed interaction info.


Finally, look through our AntiPsychotic section for threads on Risperdal. You can also do a word search using the search engine.


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