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More on my Kidnapping/Near-Rape Experience

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Now that my local PD has met with this guy and agrees that he's a psycho (not psycho as in our kind, but in a dangerous way), they asked me if I want to go ahead and prosecute. Of course! And of course, there are worse parts of the story I haven't talked about here for security/prosecution/whatever reasons. So NOW we're going somewhere with it.

The problem is my personal security. I'm afraid that once this idiot posts bond and is loose that he'll come after me and harm me. My house isn't exactly a fortress or anything. I'm thinking of moving to the 2nd floor of my building.

Any thoughts? I don't want to move because I'm scared and be forced out of my home by some weirdo, but I want to be safe too.


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have you explained that to the police? nothing they can/will do for you?

or perhaps you've got a friend who wouldn't mind staying with you during the process? or someone you could stay with?

not much else I can think of, I'm hoping things work out for you <3

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