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Last year, I went outside one day to find my beautiful new Focus missing. I LOVED that car, and went through hell and high water to make the payments and keep up my rent.

I had been paying through my cousin, who used her credit to get it for me.

But SHE had been pocketing the money, and it got repossessed.

Now every time I see a Focus (they're common), I have flashbacks of MY Focus. Weird, I know! And I feel that betrayal.

So am I PTSDing over the car or my cousin, or both? I have a huge tendency to PTSD because of a lot of trauma I've had in my life. It seems to come on naturally at times. Like when my car is suddenly gone. I put so much effort into keeping the car.

And now, almost a year later, I'm a loser without a car. I can't get one because my credit sucks, because I'm bipolar and let my disorder get the best of me.

This sucks!

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