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let's see if i can actually type this out, because i'm pretty sure my brain's not getting much blood right now.

i started anafranil almost two weeks ago at 25 mg. i wanted to hold off for as long as i could because i had radioactive iodine for my thyroid back in december and i've been VERY hypothyroid since march. (my TSH at last count was still 35 - i hate endocrinologists but that's another story). i had read that its not a good idea to start a TCA when you're hypothyroid but both my endo and my pdoc said it would be okay. i haven't had too many horrible side effects yet, but just the other day i felt really heavy and dizzy - like i couldn't even get up out of a chair or the sofa. just really woozy feeling. i saw my pdoc yesterday and he said this is low blood pressure - (which is actually a good thing in his words) - but that i couldn't increase it. i started feeling it again yesterday afternoon so i called back to his office to see if i should drop the anafranil or give it a few more days. he didn't really give me an answer either way, so i decided to stay at the dose i'm at (50 mg) to see if it would abate at all. it didn't hit me until later in the day today, but its hitting me pretty hard. i feel like my head's wobbling.

should i stop the meds? is it worse because i'm hypothyroid - or does that not make a difference? i've taken anafranil in the past, and occasionally i would feel weird if i got up suddenly, but nothing like this. i'm contemplating going over to walgreens and seeing if they have one of those blood pressure monitors - but i don't know anything about blood pressure - how to measure it, what it means, or what's the optimal range. i sat in on my grandpas dr. consultation the other day, prior to having surgery to remove a soft tissue mass behind his ear, and the dr's were saying their primary concern were his blocked carotid arteries - and that if his blood pressure dropped during surgery it could cut off the blood to his brain. i don't imagine i have anything quite as serious - but my brain can hardly function as it is to begin with right now, and i don't think having my blood pressure drop this low can be good for it either. if anybody has advice or any info about blood pressure it would be appreciated.

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first- make sure you are well hydrated- this helps to keep your pressure up- eating alittle salt will help hold the fluids in so you don't get dehydrated.

also- make sure to get up slowly- like if you are lying down- sit up for a few minutes before standing, then stand for a minute before moving. gives your body and brain time to adjust. if you feel dizzy- sit down. if very dizzy and sick like- lie down and put your feet up higher than your head.

those blood pressure monitors in the drug store are ok but they're not very reliable. have your doc check it for you- sitting and then standing. ( if it drops on standing this is postural hypotension)

i lived with low bp for many years (average maybe 90/40) and had a bad hypotensive reaction to a med 60/?- this was in the er.

check with your pdoc asap because it may be bp related but it could also be some other kind of side effect. either way you want to make sure you have pdoc keep a close watch.

( oh- btw normal bp is about 120/80 - normal for you might be lower than that- maybe check history wiht your regular doc.)

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Guest FrannyNZooey

Mine has been very low also since new med Geodon, it dropped to being in low to mid-high 60's so 62-67 above high 40's 47, average.

They made jokes such as am i ready to go in combat, I am like yeah right can hardly raise from chair without feeling going to faint.

So, I too wonder how low?

I was easily at times the 80-100 for top number over 90-110, but this low only when pregnant the two times, and I was walking seeing stars, almost walking into poles etc, at mall, and would have to grab bench and drink OJ, while trying to hold head down ward.

This can not be healthy.

I know i do not feel healthy, i feel like a Zombie.


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I have the opposite problem of mild hypertension so take medication to keep it under control. However, I also have bad "white coat syndrome", meaning in the doctor's office my blood pressure goes way up due to nerves. I knew from having the friendly first aid guy at work check it that it wasn't as high as the doc thought, so I ended up buying a wrist blood pressure monitor at Wal-Mart.

It's surprisingly accurate as I've taken it several times in the last few years to the doc's and checked it against what the nurse got with the arm cuff. The reason I got the wrist monitor is because it's small, portable, and easy to use and I'm also overweight so would have to find an extra large arm cuff. You also don't need a stethoscope or watch; you just strap it to your wrist and turn it on, and it does the rest.

The other cool thing about the wrist monitor is that it has a memory and a date/time function so you can record your readings. Then when you go to the doc's they can write down all the readings you've taken at home. It saved me from taking a nasty BP medication after I was able to prove that my hypertension isn't as bad as it appears at the doctor's office.

120/80 is considered the normal range for BP.

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