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Cutting Deep

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Does anyone else ever get the feeling that cutting hasn't been worth it if you haven't cut deep enough?

Cuts that seem won't leave a scar make me feel that cutting is pointless if I just do it like that. I feel weak and have to keep telling myself "you are weak, you deserve this, do it!" in order to make myself cut faster and therefore deeper. Even though I want to, cutting myself harshly can be so hard sometimes :wtf: Shallow/er cuts are better than nothing though and if I know I'm going to be out of my room within half an hour, I can't cut deep enough to split the skin apart anyway as it will bleed too long. I need big scabs, small scabs are not enough and feel like a sign of weakness :cussing:

EDIT: By deeper cuts I mean one's that split the skin apart so it fills slower from the bottom like a pool (sorry for the graphic description)

EDIT 2: I know this is a stupid topic, for which I am sorry :cussing: :embarassed:

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Guest Guest

Does faster = deeper for most people?

Maybe I'm just lame? I think if I cut fast than I "miss" the whole thing.

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I've never tried using a knife, or anything else. I use wallpaper blades. They are so sharp and thin. That's why I like them.

(I've read and taken notice of what you said though, username)

OK. Remember that sometimes a shallow cut is more painful than a deep clean cut.

So don't feel bad for not cutting deep.

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i definately understand what you are saying... with the degree at which you cut and not really... I dont know... feeling satisfied until you cut enough to sort of really do damage...

It isn't stupid, easyrider...

I'm not sure if the razor vs. knife is a great convo to be having... ya know, making suggestions as to pain and damage and such...

and also, as for cutting deep vs. shallowish cutting... no one should feel bad for doing one or the other. cutting really isnt a contest. we inflict pain on the outside of ourselves to reflect the pain we feel on the inside. it really doesnt matter how that manifests itself. it is different for every person.

just, everyone, be *safe* and be sure to take care of your wounds...

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