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Fat and getting fatter

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So I'm pretty fat. Like 300 lbs fat. Last year around this time, I started dieting and lost 20 lbs. I've gained 15 lbs back in the last month. All I want is salt and fat. Bread, cheese, meat, and sauce. The four major food groups. I get these cravings that just don't go away until I satisfy it. I tried convincing myself that my body was telling me that I'm missing something from my diet, but I doubt that bacon cheeseburgers and fries is what my body really needs.

So what to do? Obviously I need to get back to exercising. I've been putting that off cause I'm lazy. I need to stop with the fast food, but how? How do I ignore or turn off those cravings? And I'm sure that all this salt (what I crave most) is causing water weight gain, so how do I get rid of that? I can barely fit in my jeans anymore. I eat because I'm depressed and bored, and then I get fatter, and then I get depressed and eat, and so on.

Lamictal was helping me to lose weight, slowly but surely. Then I added Seroquel to the mix at the start of the year. And then I stopped losing weight, despite beginning to exercise at Curves. I see my pdoc this week and I want to ask for either Wellbutrin or more Lamictal. I won't quit the Seroquel, as it's helped my depression more than anything else. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for listening to my crazyrant.

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Beth. I sympathize.

I can't say I empathize though as I'm a carboholic. I've never like fatty foods. As for salt, I hardly use it. I used to, though. I LOVED pretzels - all kinds. I've found with salt, that the less I use, the less I miss it. It really does seem to be something one can learn and unlearn. And ther'es so much salt in the Western diet. Sodium is in everything!

But maybe it's not that way for you. And who knows? Maybe it DOES have something to do with your medicine (did you always crave salty, fatty things evern before you started on these meds?)

When I was on Nardil I stuffed on cakes and bread and cookies It was the carb-sweets craving Nardil induces. What's more, I didn't care! Maybe that was from the Nardil too.

Balooned up 50 lbs, which I'm only now close to eliminating a year later.

I have only a few suggestions about the eating (besides trying to really cut down on salt, and see if the craving goes away or is much reduced).

First, maybe a salt substitutes (like Potassium - comes in shakers) would help. Or maybe using more spice. Curries? Hot pepper? Mixed blends?

Second, you might want to find that diet book by Oprah, There may even be more than one. Of course, you can't use her number one aid which is a personal chef. ;) But maybe she has other pointers. I especially remember reading that she mostly craved salty foods.

Last, unless you are REALLY tall and heavy boned, you are clinically quite obese. This makes it a real health hazard. How's your blood pressure and blood sugar? Diabetes or stroke would NOT improve your morale, Seroquel or not.

In fact, Seroquel increases the risk of diabetes though it's dose related (never heard of Seroquel for depression). Metformin might help, but it IS for diabetes and has medical side effects. It seems your appestat is out of kilter, quite apart from the meds. Maybe a diet buddy who also has a lot to lose, would help. Or some medical intervention - especially, if as you say, you are continuing to put on weight.

Good luck!


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE salt and butter. In fact, on a recent plane trip they had some French butter and some kind of pink salt in a dish that was flaked, not ground up. They were both so good I ended up putting butter, salt and pepper on the bread, and eating that and ignoring my dinner.

So I hear ya on the salt/oil cravings. I know when I get them, nothing else will satisfy. No fruit, no veggie, none of that. I make one piece of garlic toast, and eat it really really slowly, savoring the salt. That way I've given myself the salt/oil that I'm craving, but I haven't downed a Big Mac or a whole bag of pretzels/chips.

Would that help a little bit?


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Glancing back at this thread, Beth, reminds me of an article I saw recently which made me think of you. A People mag issue from the very end of May. The cover story photos showed two lovely young women both of whom had lost 150+ lbs. (starting weight well over 300 lbs). "Before " pics given on cover too.

I also remember mag cover added, "WITHOUT surgery!"

Worth tracking down.


BTW I purchase those fat free sprays for cooking - olive oil and butter flavored. There are also shaker devices which are cheese flavored. Low fat but taste VERY high fat. There's also OLESTRA if you can handle the side effects. It prevents much absorption of fats, for die-hard addicts.

I strongly favor keeping fat in your diet, at least 20%. Otherwise, the cravings grow and lead to binging. Just make sure it's the "good" kind of fat (like olive, walnut, sesame). Keeps your cholesterol ratio good and still avoids pigging out - often on other foods, wbhich add calories without satisfying. Since I increased my fat consumption of these fats, my cholesterol level has dropped!

Incidentally, red meat (especially fatty) adds a whole lot of hormones too, greatly increasining risk of breast cancer and other bad things. Also, rancid overheated fats used in frying, are potent carcinogens. This is not tabloid stuff; it's real science.

Look down the road and protect yourself - but sensibly! You don't want to be MI AND disabled or sick with a terminal ailment. Diabetes alone shares me shitless. All I need is to check my blood sugar continually, shoot up on insulin and deal with amputations, blindness and kidney failure (having seen all these up close and personal in family members.

Visit a dialysis unit if you want the fear of God put into you. and believe me, if your kidneys go, you have NO CHOICE about salt and fat!.

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I am not fat. One of the wonderful things my mother did for me was to instill good nutrition habits in me when I was very young.

I believe that nutrition is closely tied to mental health, at least in my case. I can describe for you the way I eat, and maybe if you begin to adopt some new habits, you could see a great difference in your body.

1. Whole grains. You will do yourself a favor if you learn to love whole wheat bread. It is far more nutritious than bleached flour, which is just empty calories. Stop eating white bread, and all forms of beached flour. Eat whole wheat and whole grain bread instead - it will supply your body with the nutrition it needs, you will feel more full for longer. Same with rice - go with brown rice over white rice. Look at the fiber content - fiber makes you feel full.

2. Portions. Cheese and meat and sauce aren't bad in small quantities, but extravagant portions WILL make you fat. Tune into your body, pay attention to your feelings of hunger and fullness. It takes 20 minutes for your body to feel full from what you've eaten. If you can learn to stop eating when you are close to feeling full, as opposed to really, really full, your body will start to return to a normal weight. Practice leaving a few bites of food on your plate. Eat slower, eat tiny bites, chew your food for longer - all these things will give your body more time to register a feeling of fulless as you're eating.

3. Sugar & empty calories. Things like sodas, candy, sweets etc. that have no nutritional value should be cut from your diet. They just make you fat, but they do nothing to nourish your body or help you to feel full. An apple or a handful of raisins can stop a sugar craving and make you feel satisfied because they contain fiber.

Eating habits are established in childhood, so don't expect to make changes overnight. Eventually, you will have to adopt new habits if you want to be healthy. Educate yourself about nutrition. Don't worry about scales or measuring portions. Diets just make you crazy, I hate them. Good habits are what you want, for life. Tune into your body, pay attention to your hunger. Eat steamed vegetables with every meal. Take walks every day. Drink lots of water. Take it easy on yourself. Good luck :) - MG

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As a nurse practitioner told me re: the Seroquel, diabetes, and weight gain, "If it's white, it just ain't right." No white flour, no white sugar. Fruit is the good kind of sugar. Whole grain is the right kind of flour. It has helped me. Of course, yesterday was my birthday and I blew it.... This morning I had cake for breakfast! But tomorrow it's back on the wagon. I had lost 12 lbs of seroquel fat, so I want to get back to that. I have a goal of losing XX lbs by my birthday next year.

Oh yeah, if you look in the side effects section here, and then the weight thread, you'll find a free computer program which has really helped me. It's fun to enter stuff on there. Good luck. PM me if ya want. We could support one another.

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I know I'll probably get cussed at for suggesting it and I'm always singing its praises on crazyboards but The Atkins Diet really is a godsend for those among us who like our food. And I am a lady with probably the most voracious appetite known to man. ;) Plus I am on 3 meds noted for weight gain - Zyprexa, Inderal and Prozac.

I lost virtually all of my Risperdal induced weight gain (I went from 150 lbs to approx 215lbs :) ) and it was easy. I had no horrible feelings of hunger which I have had on virtually any other diet and the weight just melted away. The Carb cravings really disappear after a couple of days and if you feel like sweet stuff you can always eat a couple of strawberries (WITH DOUBLE CREAM!!!) and still lose weight. Once you get into the swing of things, you can do it in your sleep and you will probably find that you eat MORE fruit and veg on Atkins than you would on your normal way of eating despite what all the nay sayers believe.

Among the foods you can eat and not feel guilty about are meat and cheese - I polish off a block of cheese in a day and still lose weight. I frequently eat an entire chicken too. Steaks are an Atkins godsend. Eating salted nuts is encouraged too - good if you have salt cravings. On a typical day I eat a fry up for breakfast (sausage, eggs and bacon), a chicken salad for lunch, salmon or fish for dinner with some veg, As snacks I eat peanuts, cubes of cheese or lumps of chicken and berries with double cream for when I feel like something sweet. You CAN eat the bacon and cheese burgers fried in fat! (just not the bun...). The other evening I ate 3 burgers with a hefty chunk of extra mature cheddar and have still managed to lose 2 lbs since then.

With the type of food you like and have cravings for, it sounds like you could enjoy Atkins. Of course I have to insert all the usual disclaimers - the effects of Atkins on your health are not known, some people do not react well to the diet etc etc but it was a success story for me after meds landed me in porkdom.

All the best!

Blackbird (reaching for a leg of chicken) xx

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Guest Guest

You DO need to watch out for ketosis and kidney damage, tho - among other things! Especially when you have a lot to lose.


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